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Debby Kirby | Silk Weaver | Wall Hangings / Framed Pieces


Wall Hangings / Framed Pieces

Debby has developed a method of screen printing handmade paper and weaving it through silk, using design in a more abstract style, playing with dimensions and non-representational shapes.
Paper is collaged, decorated and gilded before cutting it into strips and woven through coloured silks on the loom. The silk and paper woven work allows Debby to pursue her love of colour and design to create pieces of art for the walls, windows and interior decoration. This technique works equally well on smaller pieces such as framed pictures as well as large scale wall hangings, screens and room dividers.
Dimensions are specific to each piece, with a maximum width of 90cm and no restrictions on length. The pieces are fade resistant in sunlight and durable in their construction.

Over the years we have collected many of Debby’s beautiful silks. One of our reception rooms displays many of her hangings. They are constantly admired by all who visit.Geoff and Nikki Lewis