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Debby Kirby | Silk Weaver | Debby Kirby & Caroline Parrott


Debby Kirby & Caroline Parrott

Caroline has always been inspired to create pieces of artwork for interiors. Her contemporary aluminium design work compliments almost all environments.

As an artist Caroline’s work is constantly evolving and moving in new directions. Like Debby, Caroline finds inspiration in many of her surroundings and enjoys creating pieces that are at home both inside and outdoors.

For the last three years Debby has been working with artist/maker Caroline Parrott, who paints and prints beautiful colours onto thin sheets of aluminium. This is cut into strips and Debby weaves it through her hand dyed silk threads, these thread have been dyed to compliment Caroline’s designs and colours.

As you can see from the images shown below, the juxtaposition of silk and coloured aluminium results in original pieces that complement each artists field of expertise.


Further collaborations with Caroline will be taking place, with some exciting new ideas in the pipeline.

The four seasons


Other images