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Debby Kirby | Silk Weaver | Further collaborative work with Alison C. Board


Further collaborative work with Alison C. Board

13th May 2015

hogweed-for-blog  Birch-Trees-for-blog


Following on from our successful collaboration last year, Alison and I have been busy, developing lots of new ideas – I have just finished weaving a lovely selection of Alison’s beautiful water colour paintings, which will feature in an upcoming exhibition in June.
The theme of the exhibition is Gardens, and Alison has concentrated on a variety of studies of flower heads. I have really enjoyed dyeing up a rainbow, random dyed warp, which suit the soft colours beautifully.

We have also been developing our more abstract pieces with Alison hand dyeing water colour paper to which I then add gold leaf, and highlights of my own hand printed paper. The colours of these pieces range from vibrant hues of pinks, reds and golds, to soft shades of silver and pale gold.
I am so looking forward to seeing them when they have been mounted and framed, they will be available in my studio very soon and details of our exhibition will follow shortly.

You can see more of Alison’s work on her website www.alisoncboard-fineart.co.uk and our joint work on the Collaborations page.

Infinity Scarves

16th March 2015

 I always relish this time of year, it is quiet for customers but it allows me the freedom to inject new ideas in to my range of products.


This year, it has seen the addition of a new scarf which I have called ‘Infinity’, a style that can be worn as a continual loop. The warp required for this style of weaving is wider than usual at 18 inches and I have been dying the silk thread in a wide assortment of colour ways.



People coming in to my workshop were interested right from the start, possibly because they are so easy to wear and being able to model them myself has meant that my customers can see how they fall. Three have gone to new homes already with more on the way and the last few on this length are in wonderful kingfisher colours, just the thing to brighten up your wardrobe as we head in to spring.




Infinity Scarf 1

New Collection with Alison C. Board

16th July 2014



Hangings      close-up-hangings

It’s been so nice to finish off the series of 6 reversible hangings that Alison and I have collaborated on- seeing them with the painted wooden slats top and bottom completes them. And I now have 5 hanging in my workshop which adds a wonderful injection of colour and movement. They are designed to be seen from both sides, and work really well as mobiles, moving slowly so that the colours of the silk and paper seem to shimmer.We have so many new ideas leading on from here, and once we have completed various solo commissions, we will get together to develop these further.

Dorset Art Weeks

16th May 2014

In the run up to Dorset Art Weeks, I have ensured that my workshop is fully stocked with new ranges of scarves and accessories to tempt all the visitors. Walford Mill will be open seven days a week for the entirety of the event and is venue number 277 if you have the catalogue or are thinking of dropping by.

Visitors will also be able to see a new range of work that I have produced in collaboration with my husband Jez, combining his photography of Dorset, with my weaving. To read more about the process and see further examples, pop over to the Collaborations page/ there are lots of new images that will be woven over the next few weeks.

Collaboration with Alison C. Board

16th May 2014

2012-08-16-12-09-031Earlier this year, Alison and I worked collaboratively for the exhibition ‘Unfold’ at Walford Mill Crafts and after a successful partnership, we decided to develop what we discovered.

Alison is a mixed media artist and for this series of experiments, she has combined printmaking, watercolour, ink and gilding powders to produce a collection of large surfaces which I will then weave in to the warp. We intend that these will be a series of wall hangings which will be fully reversible as Alison has embellished both the front and the back.

This collection of work will be woven to coincide with Dorset Art Weeks and customers will be able to purchase them both from myself and Alison. We hope that they will have the potential to be developed into a series of interior accents.